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My model for business is The Beatles: They were four guys that kept each others’ negative tendencies in check; they balanced each other. And the total was greater than the sum of the parts.

  • Coffee for astronauts 🚀Stocksy contributor @alexandr_ivanec brings us a mug of joe on a cosmic snow day. #astronaut #coffee #space
  • Winding Rivers. Aerial view of Owens River, California. Photographed by Stocksy contributor @simone_anne. #aerial #california #frozen
  • Stocksy contributor @johncarleton brings us memories of friendship and foggy morning fun. #childhood #friendship #fog
  • Guanajuato, Mexico 🇲🇽Known as the most colourful city in the world. Photo by Stocksy Contributor Per Swantesson. #guanajuato #mexico #cityscape

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